Receiving the goods in USA

Kent 3Norway Delivery’s offices and center for receiving your items for shipping are large, secure, and isolated. They are found in the city of Holly Hill, just northwest of Daytona Beach. Here, all items from around the US to be shipped to Norway are collected and shipped.

The offices in Holly Hill are led by Norwegian Arild Austgarden. Arild was born in Norway. Arild has many years’ experience importing cars from the US to Norway and is THE person to talk with if you have any questions about the process. Arildt is willing to help organize the delivery of your car within the US to the offices in Florida as well as to represent your interests in the purchase of an automobile within the US. He will conclude the purchasing transactions and assure that the automobile is in the shape and repair it was sold as.

Bilde containere HL


When items reach us at the offices in Florida, they are immediately entered into the registry and prepared for customs clearance. The items are then stored in our shelves well marked with the customer’s name and ID. Just prior to loading the containers, the customer will be sent information as to what is being sent as well as the invoice for shipping costs including taxes. Controls are in place to ensure that the documentation for each and every item in all shipments is correct and in-hand before they are loaded. This documentation must include a description of the product as well as the value of the item at time of purchase.




ND "ditt kunde nr og navn"
c/o A&S AutoB
337 Carswell ave.
Holly Hill, FL 32117
ph: 386 547 0976

When purchasing/ordering items from a distributer to be shipped directly to us in Florida, it would be helpful to provide them the direct telephone number for Arild Austgarden such that he may keep informed as to the arrival of your items.

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If you would like to contact Arild directly, please feel free to do.




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